Hindu pilgrimage tour in Nepal started with visiting the Pashupatinath temple. Visiting and worshiping to Pashupatinath is like a visiting Hindu version of Lord Shiva for every Hindu worshiper. One of three major God in Hinduism and has an existence history dates back to before 400 A.D. The temple is situated on the bank of Bagmati […]

Kathmandu and Pokhara Tour

Uma holidays Tour offers you to visit at two wonderful cities of Nepal. Places you are visiting are listed into UNESCO world heritage sites. These places are incredibly spiritual, historical, and archaeological .Tour from Kathmandu to Pokhara is one of the best options in the list in your mind, Nepal tours. 5 nights 6 days […]

Kathmandu Day Tour

Kathmandu day tour – sightseeing in Kathmandu valley.Five hour sightseeing of cultural world heritage site with guided day tour in Kathmandu Uma Holidays Travels and Tours has specially designed this Kathmandu valley sightseeing for those people who have a very short time in Kathmandu, Nepal to see its wonderful cultural tour of world heritage sites. […]


Pashupatinath temple (secred Temple of Lord Shiva) The complex includes 518 temples, buildings, and structures. The main temple is designed as a pagodastructure, located within the fortified courtyard, and guarded by Nepalese military force and semi-military Nepali police. Features of the main pagoda include carved wooden rafters, cubic sculptures, withtwo-level roofs covered with copper and […]


BHAKTAPUR (The city of Newari culture) Among the three major cities of the Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur, to this date, is the livingrepresentation of how the entire Kathmandu Valley would have looked like during the medieval periods.The city is celebrated for its glorious architecture; sky-high temples built in pagoda style – which isbelieved to be the stairway […]


Patan is one of the three sister cities of Kathmandu Valley. Among the three cities, Patan is considered as the most artistic city. So, Patan in other word is popularly known as Lalitpur meaning “the city of Art” The majority of people in this city are Buddhist however they follow Hindu ethos as well. In […]


Kathmandu A lot of the cultural centers of Nepal are concentrated around the Kathmandu valley, among those cultural sites,of the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square. Located at the heart of ancient city Kathmandu, it is complex of beautiful historical manuments  temples and shrines, both Hindu and Buddhist. Most of them are built in the pagoda style […]


Is the most popular Trekking route in Chitwan that passes through the Chepang Village. Chepang Hill Trek has its own significance as this trail begins through the unexplored beautiful hillsides of Chitwan at the moderate altitude of Mahabharat range. Chepang Hill Trek in Nepal is part of a national development effort to empower poor, rural communities. The driving principle […]

Nagarkot – Telkot – Changunarayan

In ancient times, a Gwala, or cow herder, had brought a cow from a Brahmin named Sudarshan. The cow was known for producing large quantities of milk. The Gwala used to take the cow to Changu for grazing. At that time Changu was a forest of Champak trees. While grazing, the cow always went to the shade […]