Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Nepal occupies a unique position in Buddhism,s history of being the birthplace of its founder. Lord Buddha was born in a Lumbini grove about 15 miles from his father’s state of Kapilvastu. In the early centuries,  It was when Muslim invaded Bihar and Bengal in the late twelfth century that many Buddhist monks and scholars […]

Kathmandu-Pokhara- Chitwan Round Tour

The history of Kathmandu is really a history of the Newar people, the main inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley. While the documented history of the valley goes back to the Kiratis, around the 7th century BC, the foundation of Kathmandu itself dates from the 12th century AD, during the time of the Malla dynasty. The […]

Chitwan Tour

Chitwan is best known for its culture and wildlife activities. Chitwan means “heart of the jungle”, because of its dense forests and wild animals. Chitwan national park is located in the central south of Nepal, just 165 km far from Kathmandu and 150 km from Pokhara, which offers you many jungles as well as cultural […]