Dolpo is one of the most interesting trekking destinations in Nepal for many reasons. with an area of 7,889 sq. kilometers, it is the largest district of Nepal, and yet one of the most sparsely populated. Topographically too it is interesting. It contains the deepest lake in Nepal, Lake Phoksundo. which also happens to be the deepest lake of high altitude in the world. Dopla is one of the few districts in Nepal that is behind the Himalayan mountains, Harsh weather combined with high hills makes this area one of the most inhospitable in Nepal, and yet the barren and majestic hills lend it a rare beauty that is absolutely mesmerizing. Due to the harsh living conditions, few people live or travel in these areas. Even today, much of Dolpa is a restricted area for tourists, which contributed to the preservation of the unique culture of Dolpa.

Some of the attractions of this route are Dho Tarap, a human settlement at the highest altitude in the world, Shey Gumba, religiously the most important Gumba in Nepal, and lake Phoksundo, the deepest lake of high altitude in the world. Dolpa is rich in flora and fauna too. Upper Dolpa region is full of rare herbs and wild animals. can be sighted in the region. The forests of Upper Dolpo are home to rare plants kike Yarsagumba, Jatamasi, Panchaunle, Chimailo, and many others.

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