Rafting -Sun Koshi River



The Sun Koshi ‘River of Gold’ has been rated as one of the top ten rafting trips in the world. It is also in the list of ‘must do while in Nepal’. the river rises neat shisha Pangma in Tibet and runs eastwards, draining the highest mountains of the world before emerging on the plains of Indian, where it joins the Ganges. The journey takes us 270 km through some of Nepal’s most remote regions giving a unique wilderness experience. The first two days are relatively easy and allow time to train as a team before the bigger rapids arrive. The rapids have acquired names like Meat Grinder, High anxiety, jaws, and the Big Dipper, from previous experiences on expeditions. Say no more! The calmer stretches between rapids give you time to take in the phenomenal views, swim in warm water and camp on white sandy beaches. This river is a BIG volume HIGH adrenaline expedition.

Source of the river-Mount Everest, Put in point-Dolalghat(625m), Way to reach the raft Point by road.,End Point Chatara (105,)., River Distance -272km., River Grade 4/5 Cladd., Average Gradient 2m.km (10ft a mile)., Volume 400cms (1400cfs)., ideal period -Jan-April, Oct-Dec).,

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