Hindu devotees believe that the all-powerful Bhaleshwor Mahadev fulfills the wishes of all who come to
pay homage to him in Chandragiri Hill. A pilgrimage trip to the hilltop is a way of securing a ticket to the
Shivaloka in the afterlife.

Bhaleshwor Mahadev — Mythological Significance
With reference to the description written in Himvatakhanda, Bhaleshwor Mahadev appeared at
the spot where Satidevi’s ‘Bhala’ or the forehead fell off from her dead body. It is believed that
Satidevi, Shiva’s consort, gave up her life by jumping in a fire pyre at her father Daksha
Prajapati’s yagna (sacred fire ritual) after Daksha insulted her husband Shiva in front of scores
of gods and goddesses invited at the religious ceremony. An enraged Shiva then carried her
dead body on his back and walked across the world like a madman for long span of time,
without taking note of Satidevi’s decaying body. Different ‘shakti-centres’ were established at
sites where different parts of Satidevi’s body fell in course of Lord Shiva’s mourning.A temple
was erected at the same site where Bhaleshwor Mahadev appeared.The legend of Bhaleshwor
Mahadev is also associated with Gandharva, a low ranking Hindu deity, named Sumukha.
Sumukha forcedly kissed Rambha, an angel who had recently retired as a courtier at Heaven,
believed to be Indra’s (king of gods) kingdom. Rambha then cursed Sumukha for his
misdemeanor after which he was forced to live on earth leaving his abode in the heaven.
Sumukha was wandering around the mortal world while living the curse when met with a sage,
Galab, who suggested a way out for Sumukha to repent and break the curse. Sage Galab
advised Sumukha that he should offer prayers before Bhaleshwor Mahadev after purifying
himself every day as penance. Fortunately, in due course, Mahadev was pleased and he blessed

Sumukha, following which he settled down with Rambha. Sumukha was also taken in as a close
aide by Bhaleshwor.
The Himvatkhanda also has another folklore tied in with the Bhaleshwor Mahadev. A
Brahmin named Birupas was suffering from leprosy as a result of the sins he had
committed in his past life. The leper Birupas was wandering aimlessly in his misery
when he came across SageNemuni who advised him to visit 64 Shiva lingas as
atonement for his transgressions. Birupas is said to have visited Bhaleshwor while
making rounds of 64 different Shiva temples.
It is believed that the people who come here to worship Bhaleshwor get their wishes
fulfilled and that they will find abode in the Shivaloka or Lord Shiva’s world in theirafter

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