The Lower Manaslu Trekking Trail exploration tour recently explored various tourism destinations and attractions in the Lower Manaslu region of Gorkha district, central Nepal. The none easy trek started from Mankamana temple, a major religious tourist destination, and concluded at Gorkha Bazaar, the district headquarter of Gorkha. The exploration tour has been a tremendous success which has recorded both tangible and intangible tourism products of the region for preparation of route mapping and video.

Gorkha, the ancient capital of Nepal, is the place from where unification of Nepal was started by King Prithvi Narayan shah. There are several places of historical and archaeological importance in the district. Blessed by natural splendor andland marked by plethora of historic, religious. Ecological and cultural importance it has every potential to be featured as one of the favored touristic destinations of the country. However, number of tourists coming to this region is limited. Besides the Manaslu circuit trek, Lower Manaslu Trekking Trail offers experience of moderate trekking, historical tour, pilgrimage tour , agro tourism and community based home stay.

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