Jan 30, 2020

12 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary

Manaslu Trek takes you through the remote and unique tracks of the Manaslu Region. Opened distinctly in 1991 to outside trekkers, this district despite everything jelly its immaculate and crude characteristic quality. 

The Manaslu Trek 12 Days Itinerary is the ideal decision for trekking in the locale. Inside the time period, you will find a workable pace of the eighth tallest mountain on the planet Mt. Manaslu. 

You will cross one of the most audacious and testing Passes of Nepal-the Larkya La Pass. This pass is likewise a vantage point to observe amazing perspectives on snow-topped mountain tops. 

All through the trek, you will find a workable pace of the encompassing nature and assorted scene. You can likewise relish the perspectives on the green lavish woodland, assorted biodiversity, and icy masses. You additionally experience the one of a kind and customary way of life and culture of local people of the district. 

Here is a blueprint of the Manaslu Trek 12-Days Itinerary. 

Trek Facts 


Manaslu Trek-12 Days Detailed Itinerary 

Things to know before 12-Days Manaslu Trek 

At long last, 

Trek Facts 

Trouble: Moderate 

Type: Teahouse and Camping 

Cost: US$ 895-US$ 1,350 

Best Time: February-May/September-December 

Most noteworthy Elevation: Larkya La Pass-5,213m 


A certifiable, off the beaten path trekking involvement with the wild 

An opportunity to observe nature in its wild, crude, and undisturbed state 

An opportunity to watch inexhaustible untamed life and vegetation. You may get sights of the Himalayan Goat known as Thar or Jharal and deer, marmot, Jhum (yak and cow crossover) and yaks 

Astonishing perspectives on mountains like Ganesh Himal (7,140m), Shringi Himal (7,161m), Rani Peak/Lidanai Peak (6,693m), Himalchuli (7,750m), and Nadi Chuli/Peak 29 (7,871 m). Different mountains you can see are Mt. Manaslu/Kang Pungen (8,163m), Manaslu North (7,157m),  Naike Peak (6,211m) and some more. 

The courageous, exciting, and sensational intersection of Larkya La Pass. From the pass, you can have astonishing perspectives on Kanguru (6,981m), Annapurna II (7,937m), Gyaji Kang (7,038m), Larke Peak (6,249m), Lamjung Himal (7,983m), Ratna Chuli (7,035m). 

Stunning perspectives on Mt. Manaslu (8163m)- the eighth tallest mountain on the planet. 

An opportunity to observe the rich nearby legacy of the Manaslu area. 

An opportunity to see and remain at enchanting, customary neighborhood towns. 

Accessibility of various little tops to climb like Larkya, Samdo Himal, Panbari, Nirekha, Khayang, Saula. These make for incredible and energizing undertakings or accomplishments to add to your Manaslu Trek understanding. 

Far less swarmed than the well known treks in the Everest and Annapurna Region. The Manaslu trail sees around multiple times less trekkers. 

Following the Budhi Gandaki waterway a profound, long stream gorge, with numerous suspension connect intersections for the main portion of the trek. 

Manaslu Trek-12 Days Detailed Itinerary 

Day 01: Kathmandu to Soti Khola ( 710m/2,328ft) 

Length: 6-8 Hrs Drive 

Separation: 140 Kms 

Your first day of the trek starts with a 8-hour drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola. 

The excursion starts with a smooth ride through the Prithvi Highway. In transit, you can see perspectives on patio homesteads, towns, and hillocks. 

Once in Gorkha, the streets get more unpleasant. 

You can at present appreciate the excellent perspectives on the Himalayas like Mt. Annapurna, the Manaslu range, and Ganesh Himal. 

In Arughat (941m), you will take some rest and change vehicles. You may see trekkers beginning their excursion by walking from here too. From Arughat, Soti Khola is around 13 km away. Soti Khola is the beginning purpose of your genuine trek by walking. 

Medium-term remain at Soti Khola. 

Day 02: Soti Khola to Machha Khola (900m/2,952ft) 

Term: 5 hours trek 

Separation: 14.5-15 Kms 

This is the main day of your trek. You go through timberlands, rice paddies, a precipice face edge, a surging stream, and a few lovely cascades. 

From that point, you trek to 'Khursani Baari' which means 'field of chilies' the place you will see a 100m cascade. 

From here, you continue strolling to 'Machha Khola' which means 'stream with fish'. Here, you will discover around 20-30 nearby houses with 4 well known lodgings. 

You will remain medium-term at a cabin in Machha Khola. 

Day 03: Machha Khola to Jagat (2,095m/4,395ft) 

Span: 6-7 hours trek 

Separation: 22 Kms 

You start your trek by strolling to the police checkpoint in Machha Khola. Here, they check your grants. 

After this, you keep following the canyon and keep climbing up the waterway. You trek here and there the path. It additionally incorporates a precarious tough path. 

This takes you to Tatopani where there is a characteristic underground aquifer. On the off chance that you wish, you can take a plunge to loosen up your muscles and joints. 

From here, you stroll towards Yuri Bagar. Here, you can see the cantilever connect which will take 20 minutes to reach. This extension is 158 m long and is the principal scaffold of its sort in Nepal. The majority of the path follows a forested territory. 

On these path, you can get the absolute best perspectives on Ganesh Himal and Shringi Himal. 

You proceed with your trek till you reach Jagat. Jagat is the section checkpoint of the Manaslu Conservation territory. 

Medium-term remain in the excellent town of Jagat. 

Day 04: Jagat to Deng (1,340m) 

Term: 6-7 hours trek 

Separation: 19.9 Kms 

You advance toward Upper Jagat and Salleri. You will see two hydropower plants in transit. 

From Salleri, you proceed to Sirdibas with perspectives on Mt. Siring (7,239m). At that point you reach Philim. From Philim, you will trek through Chisapani, Ekle Bhatti, Nayak Phedi, and Pewa. A large portion of these are excellent, interesting and little towns. 

In Pewa, you will cross two suspension spans. From here, it is a 45-minutes stroll to Deng. 

Medium-term remain in Deng. 

Day 05: Deng to Namrung ( 2,900m/9,512ft ) 

Term: 6-7 Hrs. Trek 

Separation: 21 Kms 

The day begins with a declining trek to the Budhi Gandaki waterway. From here, you trek tough to Rana Gaon to see delightful scenes and streams. 

From here, you stroll through towns like  Bhimphedi and Gap. Hole (2,380m) is the place you stop for lunch before proceeding through the thick timberland and dead pine trees. 

You proceed with your stroll through the west of Budhi Gandaki while crossing a few cascades and Sringeri Khola. The path likewise goes through a Kani (door curve) with multifaceted, well-saved works of art. 

You trek past mani dividers and different towns like Suksum to reach Namrung. Here you will locate an excellent hotel. 

Namrung is a Tibetan-affected Buddhist town with Buddhist religious communities. You will likewise discover a water turbine hydro power powerhouse, mani dividers, little stupas, and petition banners. 

Medium-term remain at Namrung. 

Day 06: Namrung to Samagaon (3,500m/11,480 ft) 

Term: 6-7 hours trek 

Separation: 20.5 Kms 

Your trek to Samagaon takes you through spots like Banjam, Lihi, Sho, Lho, and Sayla. 

When you leave Namrung, you enter the Upper Nupri district. Here, the nearby tongue changes to a type of Tibetan style. Local people can be found in Tibetan style dresses like chubas-the Tibetan style of folding over shroud. 

On this day, you will likewise cross the Budhi Gandaki waterway, stroll through the high backwoods, stone curve, Chortens, and grain porch fields. 

When you cross the Hiran Khola, you can get an astounding sight of Mt. Manaslu, Manaslu North (7,157m) and Naike Peak (5,515m). 

Lho is the place you will rest and have your lunch. In the event that time licenses, you can investigate the Buddhist religious community and furthermore appreciate the extraordinary perspectives on the Himalayas. 

From here, you will trek downhill the lofty way to Lihi. After coming to Syala, you will get the all encompassing perspectives on Himalchuli, Nadi Chuli Manaslu, Saula Himal, and Siringi Himal. Syala is additionally where you will find a good pace genuine yak. Syala is likewise perhaps the greatest town of the area and a mainstream place for trade. 

Medium-term remain at the delightful town of Samagaon. 

Day 07: Acclimatization Day at Samagaon (3,500m/11,480 ft) 

Today is the rest day in Samagaon. 

In Sama town, you can get astounding perspectives on Mt. Manaslu and investigate the renowned Ribung Gompa. You can likewise get stunning perspectives on the ice sheets, level territory, and farmland. Sama Gaon or town is likewise the training goal for some climbers to summit Mt. Manaslu. 

During your acclimatization day, it is prescribed that you go for day climbs close to your place of acclimatization. This encourages your body to adjust better to the evolving heights. 

In Samagaon, you have the alternatives to see the accompanying: 

Birendra Taal (lake): At 3,450m, this is a wonderful, icy lake. This lies around 3 km from the Sama town. 

Manaslu Base Camp:  It is 6 km away from the town and takes around 5 hours to reach. It lies at an elevation of 4,800m. Once here, you can appreciate perspectives on the Manaslu Glacier, Birendra Taal, and a cavern. 

Pungen Monastery: This religious community is around 6-7 km from Sama Village. It offers better all encompassing perspectives on the mountains like Mt. Manaslu. You can likewise observe seeing a great many mani stones with Buddhist messages and pictures. You may likewise observe neighborhood Sherpas clad in customary garments and gems. 

Medium-term remain in Samagaon. 

Day 08: Samagaon to Samdo (3,690m/12,103 ft) 

Span: 4 hours trek 

Separation: 16 Kms (6 km on the guide) 

On the eighth day, you start your trek with a stroll over a slope for around 2 hours. This slope is an edge over the waterway. 

It is likewise the touching region of blue sheep. You may see some on the infertile slopes. On this way, you will stroll through delightful juniper and birch backwoods. 

Samdo is at the intersection of the 3 valleys. Samdo town (3,800m) is a Tibetan displaced person town. This town has its own hydropower venture, along these lines it has a continuous inventory of power. 

On the off chance that you are available, go for a climb to the perspective in Samdo. It is around 1.5 to 2 hours stroll from the town. It offers breathtaking perspectives and is an extraordinary route to a

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