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Uma Holidays (P.) Ltd we take both gratification and pleasure in introducing our professional, hard-working, dynamic and self-dedicated team members. Our team is the enthusiast of the travel and tourism industry possessing the years of experience whether they are the senior board members or the ground staff. Everybody here at Uma Holidays (P.) Ltd. contributes their hard work and love for the company and guests whenever they get a chance to serve. we have got the Local experienced guides in the field of Trekking, Climbing, and Mountaineering as they know every route of Nepal, way of providing services at high altitude risk management. We believe in teamwork, efficient and ever aspiring management team is passionately working to provide high-quality services, professional and friendly approach, providing well-organized trip with the highest standard of Safety, comfort, and optimum satisfaction and enjoyable & successful trek. Let's embark upon the magical land of Himalayas and let us give the privilege to serve you to make your beautiful dream into reality and life-long experience afterward.

Devilal Kandel


Message from Company Chief: Our focus on providing our customers the pleasant service possible at affordable cost is unmatched in Nepal and beyond our diverse travel-related services and solutions personized packages and quality products and service at competitive costs guarantee superior value for all our clients.

Ram Barakoti

Managing Director

Ram Barakoti is the Managing Director of Uma Holidays Travels and Tours (P.) Ltd. Aside from being the Director of the company Mr. Ram Barakoti is the most qualified man for the job, with an extensive resume of trekking and climbing in the Himalayas. He is renowned as "Mountain Guide Ram" in this industry. He is well known for his dynamic, flexible and open-minded professional leadership quality and works with very hard passion and devotion towards his profession. Although he had started his beginning career from the bottom as a porter, assistant guide and Sardar now, he is well-established owning his own company and providing first-class services to his guests. With hands-on extensive knowledge of Trekking, Climbing, rafting, and adventure he has settled in this industry for many years.

Kiran Bhatta

Operation Manager

Kiran Bhatta is originally from Northwest of Gorkha District of Nepal has done Bachelor Degree as his academic qualification and possesses more than 8 years experience in the Tourism sector. He, Bhatta operates and organizes the different tour, trek and peak climbing program. Kiran also has extensive experience and knowledge in conducting trek and other tourism-related programs in Himalayan regions, such as the classic treks in Nepal like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Mustang, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, among others. He also organizes peak climbing programs to Himalayan peaks such as Island, Mera, Lobuche, Chulu as well as other Himalayan peaks below 7,000 meters. Kiran's specialty also covers trek and tour programs in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Austria, Mauritius Tibet, Bhutan, and India.

Ngawang Wanguchhu Sherpa

Mountain Climbing and Expedition Operator

Birth Place: Sagarmatha (Everest region)
District: Solukhumbu. V.D.C: Waku, Ward No: 4 Permanent
Address: Zone: Sagarmatha V.D.C: Waku-04, Solukhumbu

S.N. Year Mountain Height Team
1 2004 Everest 8200Hm Malaysia
2 2007 Everest 8848Hm Summit Japanese
3 2008 Peak Island 6100Hm Summit Germany
4 2010 Luboche peak 6119Hm Summit Austria
5 2013 Cholu East 6584Hm Summit Germany
6 2014 Nayakhang 5810Hm Summit USA
7 2015 Phabchhermu 6480Hm Summit UK
8 2015 Island Peak 6189Hm Summit Germany
9 2016 Mt-Dave Seil 6103Hm Summit Australia
10 2017 Mt- Chulu East Peak 6584Hm Summit Germany
11 2018 Mt- Lobuche East Peak 6119.Hm Summit USA
12 2018 Mt- Chulu West Peak 6419Hm Summit Indonesia
13 2019 Mt- Mera peak 6470Hm Summit USA

Uma Holidays Travels and Tours Pvt.Ltd mountain operator our guide Mr. Ngawang Wangchhu Sherpa is a well-experienced guide since 2002 on the mountaineering and trekking with the international team with as a trekking guide. He has received the government license No. 6557 And NMA Regd No. S# 1633 Mountaineering and trekking Climbing guide. Govt. License No.: 6557 MNA Regd. No.: S# 1633

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